“It feels empty”, Netizens express their discontent over the finale of “Big Mouth”

Netizens say that the ending of “Big Mouth” might be one of the worst ever for a drama, even though the show had great ratings and a lot of fans.

The last episode of MBC‘s “Big Mouth” aired on September 17. Not long after the show ended, a lot of people went online to talk about how they felt about the grand finale.

Many fans loved the ending of “Big Mouth” and praised the whole production, but most netizens did not like the ending very much, even though the show had a lot of viewers.

Other netizens commented:

I just watched and was so confused, what is this?

The first half was unexpected and well-made, but after they met Novak, it all went downhill.

What’s the matter with everyone? I’ve seen everything up to yesterday, but should I just skip the final episode?

Oh, I just saw it now, and it was really bad… Did the writers change or something?

I didn’t want to watch it until all of the episodes were out.

So Season 2 won’t happen?

Wow, I just watched this, and you’re right, it didn’t have much going on. It just went on and on.

Ha… even so, Jong Suk worked hard. It was worth watching for Lee Jong Suk the f*ck.

I’m really, really mad. What are they going to do with everything that has piled up?

The ending was not satisfying enough.

On the other hand, BTOB Sungjae‘s “The Golden Spoon” will replace “Big Mouth” on Friday and Saturday nights on MBC starting September 23.



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