Netizens impressed by HYBE’s crazy editing skills to cut Kim Ga Ram in LE SSERAFIM’s documentary “The World Is My Oyster”

The editing skills of the production team of LE SSERAFIM‘s documentary drew attention among netizens.

Because of their documentary, LE SSERAFIM is once again being talked about a lot.

On September 15, Source Music surprised everyone by saying that they will be putting out a documentary called “The World Is My Oyster“.

This documentary will show how the new girl group LE SSERAFIM came together and grew until they finally made their debut.

The trailer for the documentary just came out, and Korean netizens are talking a lot about it, especially because former member Kim Garam isn’t in it.

LE SSERAFIM first came out in May 2022 with six members. But because of problems with bullying, member Kim Garam took a break and soon left the group.

On September 16, a post about LE SSERAFIM began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “There are still people going through hell because of Kim Garam“.

The netizen who wrote the post said, “Before LE SSERAFIM debuted, they must have filmed the debut song countdown scene, and the member who was kicked out must have been there, but she isn’t“.

The netizen added, “The editing team has to change their documentary about their time as trainees so that the person who was kicked out doesn’t appear at all. They have to put their hearts and souls into the CG work“.

Meanwhile, other netizens quickly responded and shared their opinions:

But how did they get rid of her? This is very interesting.

I really wonder if that’s why they held on to her for so long. This looks crazy real; yes, it’s a documentary, but they have to cut people out like Mnet does, so they must be f*cked off.

They should have just put her face in a mosaic.

They probably shot it again.

The thighs of the third and fourth girls are touching in an odd way.

I feel like they just got rid of her. If you look at it this way, all of the members were crying and excited, so it’s hard to say that they reshot it. If that’s the case, they really need to become actresses.

Kim Chae Won and Huh Yun Jin, on the other hand, were holding hands.

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