How Are Netizens Reacting To NewJeans Iconic Hairstyle

NewJeans has become a hot topic because of the comments on their hairstyle.

On August 30, a post about NewJeans began trending on theqoo‘ community board under the title, “THE UNIQUE HAIRSTYLES OF NEWJEANS“.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

I don’t think these are new because they look old. (The original poster changed the post’s title. It used to suggest that NewJeans had been the first to do this hairstyle, but OP says she didn’t actually know that the first-generation idols had already tried it.

In the ’90s, idols had hair like that, so it isn’t a new style. But if you do not even remember that generation, may seem new to you.I hate this! Why are those who putting this on such pretty faces?

They look different, and their hair goes well with them.

But those things had already been done by idols…

But idols always have the hime cut and Pucca hair?

Their hair is nice. It’s distinctive and pretty

Their hairstyles look like those of kindergarteners.

This is so old!

10.Those hairstyles were popular in the 1990s.

What are your thoughts on NewJeans hairstyle?



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