AOA Seolhyun In Her Hot Pants Made Netizens Eyes Wide Open

AOA member and actor Seolhyun proved her superior body.

Seolhyun posted 4 photos on her Instagram on the 10th with the caption, “Who can overdo the smell of baking deli manju?”

In the published photo, Seolhyun is posing in sleeveless knitwear and hot pants.

On this day, wearing sneakers and boasting long straight legs and apple hips, she caught the eye.

Especially with a small face, the model-like proportions were authenticated, drawing admiration. According to Seolhyun’s profile, her height is 167 cm.

In addition, Seolhyun caught the eye by showing off her beauty with clear features and a sharp jawline.

Then, she smelled the deli manju and made a playful expression on her face, making the viewers happy.

SNS users who saw the photo responded to Seolhyun’s Instagram with “I love you”, “She has a very oversized body for deli manju”, “She looks like she won’t eat anything”, “She is thin and pretty”, “Photos that drive greed for hot pants”, etc. showed

After debuting with AOA in 2012, Seolhyun was loved by releasing numerous hit songs such as ‘Short Hair’, ‘Short Skirt’, ‘Only for You’, and ‘Heart Attack’.



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