How Are Netizens Reacting To Han So Hee’s Controversial Drawings Posted In Instagram

Actress Han So Hee has become a hot topic because of her drawings.

On August 10, a post about Han So Hee began trending on Nate’s community board under the title, “Have any of you seen Han So Hee’s drawings?“.

The netizen pointed out, “She put out those drawings a few days ago. It looks like she drew them herself, but they are very strange… I don’t understand why these are being put out. On the other hand, she wrote ‘Naver’ instead of ‘Never’“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

“What else is there to say? The criticisms in the comments are so funny, you guys sound like people with mental problems trying to find hidden meanings in her drawings. Artists are supposed to live in a world that is hard to understand at first. She drew this based on her own ideas, so why would a third party like you try to figure out what it means?”

“I didn’t think much of it, but as I expected, Pann girls are treating celebrities like crazy people and trying to hate her for being weird. When you think about how the art world works, this isn’t even a little bit strange. Han So Hee has always been in the arts, even before she started her career. She went to an art school and has always drawn a lot, even before she became famous. Those crazy people who say this is strange, you guys would pass out if you went to a museum”

“Wow, look at these people! Han So Hee‘s taste was always like that. She has only been showing her pretty face, but now that she can post whatever she wants, you guys are here calling her crazy and asking if she took drugs.”

“About Naver, it’s like how the Joker says “Gachwi” instead of “Gachi” (which means “value”), or how Albert Camus uses words in strange ways…. You can just see this as a way for artists to express themselves. Calling her crazy and a drug addict is not it.”

“You guys used those same words on Sulli: druggie, mentally ill. You guys don’t change”.

What are your thoughts on the post about Han So Hee‘s drawings?



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