Netizens Drops Reasons Why BLACKPINK Is “Sold-Out” Queens Internationally

BLACKPINK is becoming a hot trend online since a lot of netizens are discussing their characteristics affecting their selling factor.

On August 2, a post about BLACKPINK began trending in “instiz“community board under the title, “WHAT IS BLACKPINK’S SELLING FACTOR OVERSEAS?“.

A netizen, commented “I’m not saying this to put them down. I’m really curious, just what point is differentiating them from others?…. Because they are girl crush?…”

Below are the other comments listed under this board.

“Lisa….? “

“Skills, YG and visuals”

“Overseas, skills definitely win over visuals”

“Skills + concept”

“Their song style, concept and the members’ composition (things like dance and singing skills)”

“Songs + concept + members”

” The beat of their songs are strong and their skills and visuals…”

“They are a hip-hop group and their lyrics also have that American style…”

“Almost all the members are fluent in English and seeing how Jisoo’s English listening is pretty good too, language seems to be pretty important”

” Their concept, songs and attitude? They are good at English and good performers too. They are performance idols”

“Even Westerners find their visuals badass”

” YG style + all the members have their unique vibe”

“Because they are all good at English”

“First of all, they got a ton of attention because they’re from YG. And the other things are mentioned in the comments above”

“Hip-hop songs, outstanding rap skills, fancy MVs”

What are your thoughts on the post about BLACKPINK selling factor?



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