ITZY’s Chaeryeong’s Secret Makeup Tip to Keep Face from Getting Red Even After Drinking

Even after consuming alcohol, ITZY Chaeryeong‘s idol makeup did not blush.

On the 29th of July, a behind-the-scenes video for episodes 1 through 5 of the web series “I have nothing to wear” hosted by rapper Lee Young Ji was uploaded to the YouTube channel “I have nothing to wear.”

Although various behind-the-scenes scenes were entertaining, the scene in which Chaeryeong appeared as a guest stood out.

On this particular day, Lee Young Ji told Chaeryeong, “Your neck and ears turned a little red after dancing. Would you like to apply makeup to your ears? “, referring to the red ears of Chaeryeong.

During the recording, Chaeryeong and Lee Young Ji danced to the TikTok Challenge while impaired by alcohol, thereby increasing the fever.

The production staff could not conceal their surprise upon seeing Chaeryeong‘s red ears. In contrast to his red ears, Chaeryeong‘s pure white skin was more surprising.

Despite the fact that Chaeryeong‘s face was so hot that her ears turned red, her face color did not change, and she continued to boast about her white skin.

Lee Young Ji exclaimed, “The base is excellent. What number of layers did you stack?” and expressed interest in Chaeryeong‘s cosmetics.

Chaeryeong timidly divulged the unique makeup technique that does not melt in the heat by stating, “Today, I applied approximately three layers of skin base.”

Lee Young Ji remarked “The effect is impressive. merely the ears are truly red “They admired Chaeryeong‘s red ears.

Netizens also focused on Chaeryeong‘s idol makeup, arguing that the cover would be perfect with multiple layers of base.



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