Netizens Have Differing Opinions Regarding Lee Hyori’s Aging Face and Why It Does Not Require “Fixing”

Lee Hyori, the most popular singer, continues to garner significant attention.

Recent attention has been drawn to Lee Hyori, who triggered another syndrome by transforming into an unconventional hairstyle, as well as her current appearance.

In an online community, Lee Hyori‘s appearance, who turned 44 this year, sparked contention.

As a result of the lighting, Lee Hyori‘s skin texture and wrinkles were exposed in a close-up photos, which sparked differing opinions.

Some netizens expressed shock at Lee Hyori’s current situation, stating, “You’re still a celebrity, but shouldn’t you be managing it?“.

Lee Hyori‘s natural appearance seems to have caused an even greater uproar than her stunning Leeds days and unchanging beauty, which have brought her to the forefront.

Nonetheless, some praised Lee Hyori‘s beauty as-is, stating, “It’s natural and pretty” and “I like it as-is.

Instead of attempting to cover her wrinkles with a separate plastic surgery or procedure, her natural beauty is beautiful.

In addition, despite the fact that Lee Hyori‘s aging is a natural phenomenon that is neither excessive nor insufficient, there was criticism that it was even shocking.

Lee Hyori previously received makeup on a YouTube channel and stated, “I dislike how foundation gets caught up in wrinkles. I don’t like looking younger, I don’t like looking old“. She has spoken the truth.

Lee Hyori‘s ardent supporters from the past and the present agree that she is beautiful as she is.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is a veteran singer of 25 years who made her debut in 1998. Since her debut, Lee Hyori has been the center of attention, making even the most trivial items fashionable.

Lee Hyori, who resides in Jeju with her husband, the singer Lee Sang-soon, and makes surprise appearances on a variety of entertainment programs, is still beloved by her fans.



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