Fans Going Crazy Over SEVENTEEN’s Kissing Fan-Service

The members of the group SEVENTEEN displayed their unwavering friendship by exchanging cheek kisses.

Recently, Seungkwan, Jeonghan, and Minkyu of SEVENTEEN uploaded four photos of their lives to their respective Instagram accounts.

In the published photos, SEVENTEEN members of a dinner party found a four-cut booth and spontaneously began taking photos.

It was a photo after a pleasant dinner, and the members were so tense that even the viewers laughed.

Particularly, DK and Mingyu drew attention by pressing their lips to Jeonghan‘s cheek and leaving a deep kiss.

Jeonghan grinned so broadly that the clown exploded as he received skinship from members who were identical to the ‘chicken

Seungkwan‘s close friendship with S.Coups and Mingyu was evidenced by their affectionate pecks on the cheek.

The photo elicited a variety of responses from Internet users, including “Can’t believe they can comfortably kiss each other on the cheek” and “It’s cool to have skinship that can only be done if you’re really close.”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN, who debuted in 2015, successfully overcame the “7-Year Curse” and recently renewed their contract with their agency, Pledis Entertainment.

The focus is on what kind of activities SEVENTEEN will engage in in the future, as they continue to engage in active activities based on mutual trust.



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