Netizens Go Crazy For Girls’ Generation Yoona’s Visuals In “Big Mouth”

The stunning beauty of Yoona in the new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” on MBC is attracting attention.

On July 29th, MBC’s “Big Mouth” debuted with a higher rating than the national average of 6.2%, according to Nielsen Korea.

In addition to the excellent acting and captivating plot, viewers praised Yoona’s beautiful visuals in the drama.

In each scene, Yoona fixed the channel of the small screen, displaying flawless skin and dense facial features.

Even without makeup, her large eyes, tall nose, and well-groomed mouth shone brightly.

Even the way Yoona frowns when her husband Lee Jong Suk, who cannot earn money, irritates her in the drama, was beautiful.

In addition, she has flawlessly assimilated the sky-blue nurse uniform and has fine, white skin.

Yoona and Lee Jong Suk have both white and innocent appearances, so their immense ‘face combination‘ was also a focal point.

Meanwhile, “Big Mouth” tells the story of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), a lawyer with a 10% win rate who becomes a rare genius con artist overnight after becoming entangled in an accidental murder case.

In the play, Yoona portrays Go Mi Ho as a nurse who worked tirelessly to help her husband become a lawyer.



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