Kim Garam’s Current Status “I’m staying at home after leaving LE SSERAFIM”

The current status of Kim Garam, who was expelled from LE SSERAFIM as a result of controversy surrounding school violence, has been reported.

His recent circumstance is recognized as the origin of a mocking online community post about Kim Garam. One Netizen made a satirical post stating, “Kim Garam works part-time at a fast food restaurant“.

An anonymous netizen claiming to be Kim Garam‘s KakaoTalk friend refuted the mocking post by proving that she was Kim Garam‘s friend.

The anonymous netizen stated, “I know you hate Kim Garam, but let’s not fabricate stories about her“, adding, “Kim Garam hasn’t even left the house since she left the group“.

The anonymous netizen pointed out, “It was definitely wrong, so she was punished and she will continue to receive it, but I don’t think making up stories like this and posting them online deserve this“.

It was also an opinion left by an acquaintance of Kim Garam criticizing the ridicule, but in the process, Kim Garam‘s current situation was also conveyed.

On July 20th, Kim Garam‘s agency, HYBE and Source Music, announced the termination of their exclusive contract with Kim Garam. With this, LE SSERAFIM will continue their activities as a five-member group. It has been about three months since Kim Garam‘s school-bending allegations surfaced.

Following Kim Garam‘s withdrawal from LE SSERAFIM and the termination of her exclusive contract, an anonymous netizen claiming to be Kim Garam‘s acquaintance claimed that Kim Garam is the perpetrator of the school violence and that she herself was harmed by it.

In addition, the agency encountered headwinds when the company was accused of using Kim Garam for noise marketing of LE SSERAFIM.



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