Kim Se Jeong Confesses She Once Left A Comment About The “Double Eyelids Rumor” About Her

Kim Se Jeong went to “Turkeys on the Block” and said that she had left a comment in the past about the “double eyelids rumor” about her.

On July 22, Studio Waffle‘s YouTube channel posted a video called “Kim Se Jeong was so sick of her life that she came out of webtoon Turkeys on the Block EP.5

On this particular day, Lee Yong Jin asked, “When you were on ‘K-pop Star’, you wanted to clear up the rumor about your double eyelids, so you made up a story and posted it online. What’s is this all about?“.

Kim Se Jeong said, “I was a kid when I was on ‘K-pop Star’ I saw some comments that said I’m pretty but that I should have waited until the swelling went down. But they were the eyes I was born with “.

She made everyone laugh by saying, “When I still had baby fat. I was angry, but I figured that even if I denied it, no one would believe me. I said, ‘I’m her friend…’ I said I’d known her since childhood and that she’d never had plastic surgery“.

Kim Se Jeong said with laughter, “I got caught. At the time, the comments suggested that it might be a fake. Then I felt so bad, so I told them it was a fake“.



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