Crush Liked Such An Ordinary Instagram Post Of Red Velvet’s Joy That Fans Are Freaking Out

Singer Crush showed his girlfriend Red Velvet‘s Joy how much he loved her.

On July 22, Joy posted a few photos to her own Instagram with the word “Arrived” as the caption.

Earlier, on July 21, Joy left Incheon Airport Terminal 2’s departure hall to go to Manila, Philippines, where she had a show scheduled.

When Joy got to the place, she said hello by putting her photo on the table. When Crush saw this, he showed how much he liked her by pressing “like.

Earlier, Crush posted on her own Instagram, “We love someone not because of how they look, what they wear, or what kind of cars they drive. Because she sings songs that only I can hear.” Since he is in a public relationship, people paid attention to Crush when he posted a message about love.

Since August of last year, Crush and Joy have been together.



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