Netizens Can’t Decide Whether Park Eun Bin’s Visual Peak Is With Long Hair Or Short Hair

The hairstyle of actress Park Eun Bin is attracting attention.

In the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, Park Eun Bin currently portrays Woo Young Woo, a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder.

Due to the enormous success of the drama, all references to Park Eun Bin in the work are garnering attention.

In particular, Park Eun Bin chose “short-haired” hair with bangs to portray Woo Young Woo, a self-assured character who is naive and questions the world from her own perspective.

In the midst of this, Park Eun Bin‘s past, which depicted various hairstyles as opposed to short hair before the work, is also garnering attention.

On the 23rd, the online community TheQoo published a post titled “Park Eun Bin, whose appearance changes drastically when she alters her hairstyle.” In the photo included in the post, Park Eun Bin has long hair without bangs.

In the photo, Park Eun Bin exudes an appearance that is both sophisticated and assured.

Netizens left various opinions, such as “You look really different”, “Your hairstyle is really important“, “Woo Young Woo looks great with short hair“, and “Long hair is really pretty“.



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