Kim Woo Bin Shares How His Nasopharyngeal Cancer Changed His Life

Actor Kim Woo Bin, who had been battling nasopharyngeal cancer for a long time, honestly talked about his current health.

On July 18th, Kim Woo Bin had an interview with a number of media two days before the release of the sci-fi fantasy movie ‘Alienoid‘ in which he starred.

Alienoid‘ is the first work Kim Woo Bin filmed after resuming his activities after a hiatus due to a battle with nasopharyngeal cancer.

When asked about his current health, Kim Woo Bin said, “It would be convenient if I could express my body’s energy in percent like my character guard in the movie.”

He announced the good news, “Last Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of the end of treatment, so I had regular checkups. I heard the doctor say that I am healthier than before.”

After battling nasopharyngeal cancer, his attitude toward life has changed, and Kim Woo Bin also talked about the change.

Kim Woo Bin recalled, “Before, I always lived for the future. It was for a body that would be better tomorrow even if I exercised, and acting without sleeping today was to show a better performance tomorrow. I lived and whipped for my future.” .

However, after he became seriously ill, he came to think of the present as important.

Kim Woo Bin said, “I really like the present moment. I try to feel this moment alone and enjoy it more. I try to focus more on the person in front of me. I think I can make you happy.”

Finally, at the end of the interview, Kim Woo Bin gave a special request, “Be sure to undergo a health check-up.”

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin felt abnormal symptoms in his body while digesting his schedule in May 2017 and visited the hospital, where he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

Kim Woo Bin, who had ceased activities and continued to receive medication and radiation treatment to recover his health, surprised fans by appearing as a presenter at the ’40th Blue Dragon Film Awards’ held in November 2019.

However, his full-fledged activities began this year. 

Kim Woo Bin met fans after a long time by appearing in tvN’s ‘Our Blues’ and ‘Somehow the President 2’ this year.



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