Aespa’s Giselle Receives Backlash For Messing Up During “Girls” Promotion At Mnet’s “M Countdown”

Due to her lack of preparation, Giselle‘s performance on the aespa comeback stage was somewhat disappointing.

In a recent episode of Mnet‘s “M Countdown“, aespa announced the release of their second mini album, titled “Girls“. Members of aespa performed the title track “Girls” with ferocity while displaying charismatic facial expressions.

Nonetheless, some Internet users criticized Giselle’s ability to absorb the choreography because she danced incorrectly multiple times. Even when it came to the highlight of the group’s choreography, she made a mistake.

Despite the fact that Giselle quickly recognized the situation and attempted to catch up with the other members, her stuttering was evident.

In addition, Giselle occasionally made errors, such as performing slightly out-of-sync choreography, which diminished the flawlessness of her performance.

In contrast to other members like Karina, Winter, and NingNing, Giselle‘s movements were criticized by the audience.

Some Internet users complained, “I believe she needed more practice” and “I am constantly concerned about Giselle while watching the performance“.

On the other hand, there were those who defended Giselle, stating, “I believe she didn’t have enough time to practice because she was too busy” and “Perhaps she wasn’t feeling well that day?“.

One week after the release of “Girls,” aespa‘s new album sold 1,426,487 copies, the most for any K-pop girl group in history.



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