Fans Discuss How Much TWICE Dahyun’s Fashion Style Has Changed Over The Years

Dahyun received numerous compliments for her new image after changing her fashion style, as she possessed the most attractive physique of the nine group members.

TWICE, formerly a rookie group, has become one of the most popular K-Pop groups in the world after seven years of operation, with its overseas concerts consistently attracting a large number of fans. And over time, both the group’s musical quality and fashion sense have improved significantly.

When discussing the change in their style, Dahyun is the most obvious member to mention. In recent years, if you pay close attention to Dahyun‘s clothing choices, you will notice an enormous shift from her casual clothes to her stage outfits.

In a recent interview with the magazine Cosmopolitan, Dahyun revealed how her fashion sense has evolved in the seven years since her debut. During the early years of TWICE, Dahyun wore safe, even conservative clothing.

For instance, whenever she wore a button-down shirt, Dahyun would fasten each and every button, never releasing any. Dahyun herself admits that such clothing makes her feel comfortable.

Even Sana was required to confirm Dahyun‘s dress conservatism. She even requested that the stylist sew up the exposed fabric that exposed her skin. However, Dahyun has changed since then. Sana stated, “She is now more at ease with her clothing.”

People have witnessed Dahyun‘s hot hourglass figure in tight, hip-length clothing on numerous occasions recently. Every time she wears a mini dress, exposing her waist, shoulders, and legs, the online community goes into a frenzy due to her beauty.

Typical examples include sneaking images of Dahyun at events. The JYP female idol once wore a white off-the-shoulder top with a tight miniskirt, highlighting her curvy figure, slim waist, and long legs.

The frequency with which Dahyun flaunts her figure in form-fitting clothing is increasing. Her clothing selection is also quite deft and refined.

Typically, Dahyun chooses an off-shoulder dress that reveals her collarbone and slim shoulders, leaving a moderate amount of skin exposed to create a seductive yet elegant appearance. Dahyun frequently chooses dark-colored outfits because they complement her luminous white skin so well, resulting in a powerful resonance.

This year, Dahyun‘s sexiness is unquestionably at a peak. In addition to wearing tight-fitting clothing, short skirts, and off-the-shoulder shirts as before, the TWICE member with the second-best physique experimented with cut-out skirts and designs that revealed her seductive cleavage.

Dahyun did not hesitate to flaunt her shoulders and slim waist in her stage attire. Dahyun now wears both strapless crop tops and jeans on stage, eschewing her former shyness.

The change in Dahyun‘s style and approach to dressing has received widespread support from netizens and her fans. It would be a waste for Dahyun, who dresses provocatively while exuding a refined and opulent aura, to conceal her hourglass figure.



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