6 Korean Actresses Who Coolly Showed Off Their Flawless No-Makeup Bare Face On Film

It is not easy for celebrities to reveal their bare faces.

However, in movies and dramas, there are actresses who have caught the attention of many people by boasting their beautiful beauty without any fancy makeup.

They boasted such a great beauty that they were told that it is better without makeup.

Let’s take a look at the female celebrities who made the hearts of men flutter with their innocent and simple appearance.

Lee Joo Bin in “Money Heist: Korea”

In “Money Heist: Korea” on Netflix, Lee Joo Bin portrayed Yoon Mi Sun, an employee in charge of accounting at the Mint.

Lee Joo Bin drew the attention of her fans after filming by revealing that she had disregarded her appearance and attended filming without makeup.

She stated: “Initially, I was instructed not to wear makeup, so I applied minimal makeup for the first scene. As a result of my sweating while filming, however, my makeup was ruined“.

In addition, Lee Joo Bin stated, “Fortunately, the camera and lighting angle did not hate me, so the photo turned out well“, and “I hardly wore makeup and wore the same clothes, but thank you for saying I was beautiful“.

Han So Hee in “My Name”

In the Netflix series “My Name” , Han So Hee portrayed Ji Woo, who joined an organization to find the killer of her father.

Han So Hee made the decision not to wear makeup while acting.

She elaborated, “I kept thinking that I wanted Ji Woo to have a raw quality. I made that decision because I wanted to show Ji Woo’s face, not a masked face“.

Suzy in “Architecture 101”

Suzy, a singer and actress, made her film debut in “Architecture 101” without BB cream on her face.

Suzy, who played Seo Yeon in college, drew a great deal of attention by expressing the trembling of first love.

The audience fell in love with Suzy‘s charisma, and she quickly became a symbol of “the nation’s first love.”

IU in “My Mister”

In “My Mister” on tvN, the actress and singer IU stood in front of a CRT with her face covered.

This is due to the fact that he assumed the role of Ji An, who does not even have time to work part-time without a day or night.

Ji An‘s not-so-easy life was convincingly portrayed by IU, who also gave the character a look that was both dry and cool, which added to the character’s persuasion.

Han Ji Min in “Miss Baek”

Throughout the filming of “Miss Baek“, the actress Han Ji Min did not apply any basic cosmetics.

It was meant to convey the difficult life of the character Baek Sang Ah, who turned criminal in an effort to protect herself.

Han Ji Min stated, “I attempted to exhibit dark circles under my eyes“.

Seo Hyun Jin in “Cassiopeia”

Actor Seo Hyun Jin takes on the role of Su Jin, who is losing her memory due to Alzheimer’s in the movie “Cassiopeia“.

Seo Hyun Jin said, “I thought it would be weird if I wore makeup, so I filmed without makeup.”

She said, “The bare face set me free. I was able to act much more daringly“, she said.

Bae Doo Na in “Tunnel”

In the film “Tunnel“, Bae Doo Na portrayed Se Hyeon, a wife who is in an extreme situation where she may lose her husband.

Bae Doo Na performed sans makeup to emphasize Se Hyeon‘s exhausted appearance.

She even stated that she intentionally attempted to create “dark circles” in order to convey the image of a person with a troubled heart.



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