ENA Impresses With Lively Whale CG Effects for Drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

The lively whale CG in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was reportedly created using a paper model.

Paper artist Seoyoung posted on her Twitter on the 30th of last month, “People in the world, the model I made came out on TV. It’s on ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’“.

Then, on the 6th and 7th of July, when episodes 3 and 4 of ENA‘s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” aired, Seoyoung posted an Instagram photo of a paper model whale she had created.

By adding the caption to the photo of the blue whale artwork, she expressed his affection “I was looking forward to its release date, but I had no idea it would be today. This is my “favorite” blue whale“.

Seoyoung also described the work’s specifics, saying, “The stripes on that ship each have their own points.”

In addition, she posted a picture of the dolphin’s work, exuding excitedly, “Did you see a dolphin on today’s broadcast?

In this drama, the main character, Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), is depicted as a “whale enthusiast” who knows the species and characteristics of whales in order. Therefore, whale center of gravity is also a significant factor.

When it was revealed that the adorable whale CG in the play was actually created using paper art, many viewers were astounded.

In addition, netizens are expressing admiration for the paper artist Seoyoung‘s adorable whale artwork and requesting that it be produced as merchandise.

In the meantime, the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” surpassed the Nielsen Korea rating of 5.2% (based on paid households nation-wide) within two weeks of its premiere, demonstrating its continued popularity.

Audiences are extremely interested in the drama’s leading actors and whale characters, as well as its various components.



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