Here Are 5 Female Idols That Prove JYP Entertainment Loves Bunny-Like Visuals

Fans were thrilled to learn that JYP has a special way of making their female idols look beautiful. The most important names in each group have had very pretty “bunny teeth” for 4 generations.

SM is known as the “colorful cotton garden” with popular visuals among the big Kpop companies. But JYP is still very competitive even though it is known as the “boss” in the business of training talented girl groups. Fans who pay attention also notice that all of the girls in JYP‘s girl groups with big faces have cute “bunny teeth“.

Wonder Girls’ Sunye

Sunye is the female idol who opened the JYP rabbit visual tradition. 
Her smile hasn’t changed over the years.

Wonder Girls were the first girl group to get into the Billboard 100 with the hit “Nobody“.

Not only that, but the girls also got a lot of attention during their first days as debutantes because of how beautiful they were.

In particular, the female leader Sunye impressed everyone with her beautiful smile and “bunny teeth“, which became a visual symbol for JYP‘s female idols.

Suzy (Former member of Miss A)

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Suzy is “the nation’s first love.” When the female idol first came out, she got many compliments for her natural beauty.

In particular, the “bunny tooth” that was once a weakness that many people made fun of has now become her trademark.

Suzy‘s look with the bunny at that time was different and unique compared to the popular faces of the time.

TWICE’s Nayeon

Even though Nayeon isn’t in charge of TWICE‘s visuals, her name is the first thing people notice when they see her perform.

Fans often call TWICE‘s oldest sister “bunny tooth girl,” which makes her smile.

If Gen 2 has Suzy, then Nayeon is the female idol from Gen 3 who continues JYP‘s bunny look.

ITZY’s Yuna

Yuna is famous for her performance spirit and her perfect body. The beauty born in 2003 always gives energetic performances.

Her beautiful, doll-like face and bright smile are two things that make people love her.

The female idol is also the name of the person who owns JYP‘s signature bunny visual.


With the name NMIXX, JYP‘s 5-month-old new group finally made it onto the Kpop map. Everyone in the group is beautiful and interesting in their own way.

Many fangirls go crazy when they hear the name Bae because of how perfect her body is and how “gorgeous” she looks. When the female idol smiles, her beautiful “bunny teeth” show.

All of the JYP girls made a big impression with their bright, beautiful smiles and cute “bunny teeth”. It’s not clear if JYP meant to do it or not, but the bunny image has become a part of their standard.



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