LOONA Chuu Teaches How To Take A Pretty Mirror Selfie

Member of the popular girl group Loona has revealed a way to take a pretty ‘mirror selfie’ that is popular on Instagram.

Recently on the YouTube channel ‘Chuu Can Do It’, a ‘Vlog’ video containing Chuu’s daily life was released.

On this day, Chuu presented a pretty phone case to the production team she met for a YouTube content meeting and suggested that she take a ‘mirror selfie’ as a commemoration.

A ‘mirror selfie’ is a shooting technique that is popular among the MZ generation by taking a picture of a reflection in a mirror with a cell phone.

Chuu also taught us how to take a mirror selfie to make your body proportions look good.

The most important point Chuu taught me is to turn the phone upside down and raise it to face height before taking a picture.

After that, put your hand holding the phone slightly in front of your face. This will make your face look smaller.

If you are going to take a picture with the whole body, you have to stick one leg out in front of you. At this time, you can emphasize the lower body line to look longer by slightly pulling the upper body back than the lower body.

When taking a full-body picture, Chuu said that if you fix the camera bottom line to your toes, you will look taller than the real thing, and gave her own ‘Hot Tips’.

Lastly, when taking a mirror selfie, Chuu recommends turning your head to the side and tilting it slightly rather than looking straight ahead.

In fact, one of the crew took a mirror selfie in the way that Chuu taught and left a beautiful ‘mirror shot’ with a feeling of admiration.

Fans are showing great interest in the useful information that is easy to follow and can leave ‘life pictures’, saying they should follow along.



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