HyunA Has Fans Going Wild Over Her New Hair That Looks Just Like Ramen

Singer HyunA transformed into an unconventional hairstyle and showed off her charm.

On the 25th, HyunA posted a number of photos of herself on Instagram without caption.

In the released photo, HyunA used various accessories such as necklaces and glasses to reveal her perfect fashion sense without adding or subtracting.

It was her hairstyle that attracted many people’s attention along with the beautiful appearance of HyunA.

HyunA showed off her hip feeling with her curly perm style.

Perhaps HyunA has not yet adjusted to the hair reminiscent of ramen, she also looked at her hair in the mirror and arranged her style.

Soon, however, HyunA looked at the camera and posed confidently and smiled brightly.

Internet users who saw this responded enthusiastically, saying, “It looks like a wig“, “Lovely” ,”Ramen hair looks good on you“, and “It’s so beautiful“.

Meanwhile, HyunA was born in 1992 and is 31 years old this year.

HyunA has been in a beautiful love affair with Dawn, who is 2 years younger than her, for 7 years, and even received a marriage proposal.



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