Netizens Are Suspicious of Big Hit Music’s Quick Response to RM’s Marriage Rumors While Remaining Silent About V’s Dating Rumors

While Big Hit Music actively denied the dating rumors of BTSRM, people’s eyes are again on V.

On June 24th, Big Hit Music, the agency of BTS, quickly released a statement when rumors spread through online communities that RM was about to marry a woman from a prestigious university.

Big Hit Music said, “It is groundless, and we are continuously responding to malicious content“.

Thus, RM‘s dating and marriage rumors were closed.

However, since then, the dating rumors of V, a member of the same group BTS as RM, are being re-examined among netizens.

Big Hit Music immediately responded to RM‘s marriage rumors, but did not take any stance on V‘s dating rumors.

In May, a photo of a man and woman presumed to be Jennie and V driving on Jeju Island was circulated online, leading to speculation that the two were on a trip to Jeju Island together, and even rumors of a dating relationship.

In this regard, YG Entertainment, Jennie‘s agency, said, “We have nothing to tell you. If a different position emerges, We will pass it on to you“.

And Big Hit Music remained silent.

Netizens are showing reactions such as “Is V and Jennie real dating?” and “For now, I’m on neutral gear“.



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