Suzy Reveals How Seeing A Psychologist Helped Her Understand Her Character In Upcoming Series “Anna”

One Korean actress who can play many different types of roles is Bae Suzy. Suzy‘s role in the upcoming TV show Anna, where she plays a complicated person, is seen as a turning point in her career.

Recently, Suzy said that when she was filming Anna, she needed help from a psychologist.

In particular, Suzy was able to talk about how she felt about the new project at the press conference for the TV show Anna. The actress said she had done a lot of work to get ready for the role.

Suzy said that she had to wear up to 150 different outfits in the series. The director asked her to learn more sign language, so she did. In particular, she got advice from a psychologist on how to show how worried her character was.

After Suzy‘s words was shared on the news, people in the online community talked about it.

In which most of the audience said how impressed they were with Suzy‘s determination to play tough roles. They know that if the actress keeps working hard, she will soon have a lot of success.

Also, there are still worries that the project might not be as hot as planned. Because, besides Suzy, there aren’t many interesting faces in the series. For this project, they think Suzy will have to “carry the team“.

Anna is about a girl named Yoo Mi who has a personality disorder called antisocial personality disorder. Yoo Mi somehow got into the role and became Anna, a person whose life and personality were nothing like hers.

Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, Kim Jun Han, Park Ye Young, and… are all possible actors for the TV show Anna. On June 24, the drama is set to air.



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