Ju Ji Hoon Confirmed To Lead New Drama By “Stranger” Screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon

The next project of actor Ju Ji Hoon was made public, and people paid attention to it. They are in tune with the writers who are popular right now.

On June 23, OSEN said that “Stranger” writer Lee Soo Yeon and actor Ju Ji Hoon will be in the new OTT drama “Dominant Species.”

Reports say that he got the script for “Dominant Species” by Ju Ji Hoon, liked it, and recently decided to be in it.

Lee Soo Yeon, who wrote the “Stranger” series and “Grid” for Disney+, has a new book out called “Dominant Species.” It’s about superior genes, viruses, and a world where food is eaten as pills.

The drama is in talks with a global OTT platform at the moment.

Ju Ji Hoon has worked in genres ranging from “Kingdom” to “Mt. Jirisan,” so we’re excited to see how he and writer Lee Soo Yeon work together.

As soon as the news spread, netizens responded to the online community TheQoo by saying, “Work hard, Ju Ji Hoon,” “Oh, it’s a great genre, so it will suit you well,” “The author who wrote life’s work. Must see,” “Working hard, Ju Ji Hoon. Work harder! “, “That’s great!” “…, etc.

People got to know Ju Ji Hoon through the drama “Mt. Jirisan,” which ran on tvN and ended in December of last year.

However, the project, which had been highly anticipated even before it aired, with the best actors, staff, and star writers gathered, ended with disappointing results.

Ju Ji Hoon and Ha Jung Woo are currently filming the movie “Abduction,” and he plans to show the movies “Silence” and “Gentleman,” which were put off because of a pandemic, in turn.



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