Lee Dong Hwi Secretly Took Photos Of Son Seok Koo And The Results Are Hilarious

Actor Lee Dong Hwi boldly revealed his affection for actor Son Seok Koo.

Lee Dong Hwi posted several photos on his Instagram on June 7th with the caption “Ban Seok Koo, Gwi Seok Koo, Son Seok Koo, and Noon Seok Koo“.

In the photo, there is a picture of Son Seok Koo taken by Lee Dong Hwi. Lee Dong Hwi showed off his closeness by taking enlarged photos of Son Seok Koo‘s body parts.

Netizens reacted enthusiastically to the image taken in a rather unusual way.

Netizens who saw this commented, “I agree with this union“, “It’s cute“, “Son Seok Koo collection“, and “Donghwi-nim liked it“, etc.

Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo is receiving a lot of love for his appearance in the JTBC drama “My Liberation Notes” and the movie “The Roundup“. Lee Dong Hwi and model and actor Jeong Ho Hyeon have been dating publicly for about 7 years since 2015.



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