“Our Blues” Actors Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min Hugging Actress Jung Eun Hye Warms Everyone’s Hearts

Actors Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin were shown affectionately with actress Jung Eun Hye, who has Down syndrome.

On May 29th, Kim Woo Bin posted a picture on his Instagram.

In the published photo, Kim Woo Bin is with Jung Eun Hye at the set of tvN‘s “Our Blues“.

Kim Woo Bin wrapped her arms around Jung Eun Hye‘s shoulders and kept her tight, smiling brightly while taking pictures, making viewers feel a friendly side.

Han Ji Min also shared a number of photos from the set of “Our Blues” with Jung Eun Hye on her Instagram a day ago.

Han Ji Min and Jung Eun Hye posed side by side, creating a relaxing ambiance.

Furthermore, Jung Eun Hye was wrapped in Han Ji Min‘s arms.

Furthermore, Han Ji Min and Jung Eun Hye shot pictures together on the set in various locations, oozing a wonderful vibe to the utmost.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Hye first appeared in the 14th episode of “Our Blues” as Yeong Hee, Young Ok‘s hidden family.

Young Ok‘s twin sister, Young Hee, has Down syndrome and is separated from her younger sister, but Jung Eun Hye also has Down syndrome, which received a lot of attention.

Jung Eun Hye, who took on the challenge of acting in her first drama “Our Blues,” is also an active artist who has been painting caricatures since 2014.



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