BTS’ Jungkook Deletes All Posts From His Instagram Account Causing ARMYs To Worry

Jungkook (actual name Jeon Jeongguk) of BTS‘s Instagram posts have all vanished.

Jungkook, who had previously communicated with fans via Instagram posts and stories, abruptly erased all Instagram posts on May 31st.

He launched a personal Instagram account at the end of last year and has been actively engaging with through video letters, singing and dancing, and photos.

Concern and excitement are being expressed by BTS fans all over the world in response to Jungkook‘s Instagram post being reset.

Fans were concerned for him, writing, “I’m worried that it won’t be a hack,” and “I’m sure you’ll have an idea, but please return soon.

Other followers chimed in, saying, “Sometimes I want to push all the feeds” and “Maybe it was reset to decorate again.”



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