The Story Of A Foreign ARMY Meeting BTS Jungkook Is The Ideal Example Of How An Idol-Fan Interaction Should Be

The story of a foreign fan who met Jungkook, a member of the boy group BTS, quickly went viral on the internet.

On May 27th, a Thai BTS fan posted a story of Jungkook’s sighting on her SNS.

Jungkook was seen that day at the Seoul Jazz Festival. Thai supporters were seated far away from the stage, listening to the music.

A man sitting behind her was humming along to a song from the stage at the time, but he sang so well that she turned her head and glanced at him.

Thai fans knew at a glance that it was BTS Jungkook. Still, she checked the location of Jungkook‘s lip piercing by asking the friend next to her. The friend also looked back and was convinced by the tattoo on Jungkook‘s hand.

The fan said that she waited for Jungkook to get up before approaching him for an autograph to avoid interfering with his enjoyment of the festival. She also shared a photograph of Jungkook signing her tablet PC.

Domestic online community users who read this narrative reacted that it was more like a movie encounter in which she appreciated the voice she heard from behind and glanced, but the reaction was how likely it was to be Jungkook from BTS.

Furthermore, community members expressed envy, saying, “It’s cool that he gets to enjoy daily life freely, and the fan who waits without interruption is cool“, “That fan is cool too. Thanks to her, Jungkook was able to enjoy it well“, “‘I heard a hum with a beautiful voice and came back I saw that it was Jungkook. It’s like a movie’“, “Jungkook is friendly” and etc.



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