Son Ye Jin Shares Personal Photos Enjoying Her Newlywed Life

Son Ye Jin, the new bride’s happy status, has been revealed.

On May 29th, actress Son Ye Jin posted a surprise on Instagram.

How are you? Have a lovely lunch and a happy weekend,” she added, attaching two photos.

Son Ye Jin in the photo was dressed in a summery style. She was dressed fully in white and wearing a rattan hat.

She was sitting in what was supposed to be a park, blowing the most noxious of all things, dandelion puffs. In another photo, she was out for a walk with her dog. Just looking at it made her feel better.

Furthermore, she has only been married to actor Hyun Bin for two months, and the sweetness of her newlywed marriage has been revealed.

Some others were jealous that her husband took the photo. 600,000 “likes” were posted less than a day after Son Ye Jin‘s images were posted.



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