5 Reasons Why We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Son Seok Koo

The popularity of actor Son Seok Koo is not unusual. In JTBC‘s “My Liberation Notes,” he formed a “Worship couple” with Kim Ji Won and is attracting a lot of attention.

In addition, Son Seok Koo played the strongest villain Kang Hae Sang in the hit film “The Roundup“, immersing the viewers in the hot action.

Let us look at some of Son Seok Koo‘s appealing points, who has become a “trend actor” that no one can refute through his works.

A “masculine” face with a pairless, sharp jaw line and forehead wrinkles.

Son Seok Koo‘s large eyelids and macho-style eyes without double eyelids captivate women’s hearts.

Son Seok Koo also emanates manly attractiveness, with a razor-sharp jawline that like a veil when he touches it.

Furthermore, the forehead wrinkles that recall him of the great American actor James Dean play an important role in Son Seok Koo‘s face’s charm.

A robust “muscular” body that has been developed through exercise

Son Seok Koo lived in Canada before becoming an actor, where he pursued his passion of being an athlete.

Son Seok Koo, who enjoys working out, has a muscular body that many men envy.

Son Seok Koo showed off his upper physique with overwhelming muscles and six packs in a new poster Kang Hae Sang released by “The Roundup,” and the audience applauded.

Everyday fashion with a sense of style

Son Seok Koo is well-known for his love of fashion.

The usage of a hat is essential to Son‘s style. He is gaining points by wearing various headwear, such as beanies and ball caps.

He completes the “boyfriend appearance” by wearing clothes that are startlingly similar in shade.

Talent to use “high-level comedy”

Son Seok Koo, who turns 40 this year, is displaying his infectious wit and humor on Instagram.

On April 19th, for example, Son Seok Koo shared a picture of the city bus “Sinchon Transportation” with advertising material for “The Roundup” and made everyone laugh by captioning it “It’s not ‘Sinchon Transportation,’ but ‘The Roundup’“.

Son Seok Koo gave out a lovely vibe a day later with the promotional term “May is The Roundup Month“, which reminded us of “May is Family Month“.

Outstanding acting skills to digest any character

Above all, Son Seok Koo‘s charisma shines brightest when he acts.

Son Son Seok Koo excelled in a variety of roles in dramas such as KBS2‘s “Matrimonial Chaos,” JTBC‘s “Be Melodramatic,” Netflix‘s “D.P.“, and films such as “Hit-and-Run Squad” and “Nothing Serious.”

He was recently acclaimed for portraying two very different personalities in “My Liberation Notes” and “The Roundup“.



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