Lee Dong Gun Will Make His Drama Comeback After 2 Years In Netflix’s Celebrity

Actor Lee Dong Gun will appear in front of the public through a drama for the first time in two years.

Recently, Lee Dong Gun was cast as Jin Tae-jeon in the Netflix original series ‘Celebrity‘.

Lee Dong Gun has not been active since the musical ‘Bodyguard’, which ended in February 2020. It is the first drama appearance in about three years since TV Chosun’s ‘Leverage: Fraud Manipulator’ in 2019.

Celebrity‘ is a Netflix series that takes place when Ari (Park Gyu Young), who jumps into a world where money becomes money just by becoming famous, faces the glamorous and fierce faces of celebrities.

It is reported that Lee Dong Gun will play Jin Tae Jeon, the husband of Yoon Si Hyeon (Lee Cheong Ah) and lawyer of Taekang law firm in the drama.

Lee Dong Gun‘s ‘Jin Tae Jeon’ character is a person who does not choose any means or methods for his own purpose.

He plans to add a sense of immersion to the drama by colliding with the character ‘Ari‘ played by Park Gyu Young in the play.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Gun and fellow actor Jo Yoon Hee got married in 2017 and divorced in 2020, three years later.


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