BTS Send The Internet Into Meltdown With First Set Of Concept Photos For “Proof”

The concept image of BTS, which is making a comeback with a new album in June, has been released.

On May 28th, Big Hit Music, the agency, posted a concept photo of BTS‘ new album ‘Proof‘ on the official SNS, drawing the attention of fans around the world.

BTS members are standing in front of a large bulletproof iron gate and staring straight ahead with determined eyes.

The strong individuality of the members wearing black leather and fur costumes and colorful accessories is very impressive.

Big Hit Music said, “The bullet marks left on the iron gate symbolize the ordeal in the history of BTS, and the solidity of the seven members standing on the bullet casing means the past 9 years of BTS, who have been running without being shaken by any circumstances, recording countless moments. “

Next, the agency added that it contains the strong image of BTS, who have proven their worth through music, beyond moments of the ordeal, by preventing prejudice and oppression.

BTS‘ comeback album, which has finally been unveiled, is showing an explosive response from fans, expressing their anticipation.

Fans responded enthusiastically, saying, “The members’ faces were all done” and “I think I’ll shoot a legend again this time.”

BTS will release an album consisting of a total of 3 CDs on June 10th.

The attention is focused on whether BTS, which has always shown performances that exceeded expectations, will be able to make fans enthusiastic again this time.


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