“Business Proposal” Actor Kim Min Kyu Confirms Casting In A New Drama

Actor Kim Min Kyu heralded a new charm by acting as an unknown idol.

Happy Live Entertainment, his agency, said on May 23rd, “Kim Min Kyu has confirmed his appearance in the new drama ‘Daesangwan Remburi’.”

Daesingwan Remburi” is a fantasy romance drama that takes place when the god of this world, “Remburi,” is possessed by the body of the unknown idol “Woo Yeon Woo,” and was developed based on the original web novel “Holy Idol.”

Thanks to the popularity of web novels, the original work is also popularly serviced as Naver Webtoon. Expectations are already high on how this work, which has been well received by many fans, will be dramatized.

Kim Min Kyu, who became a popular actor with the drama “Business Proposal,” plays the main character, Lembry. fight a demon who invaded this world Remburi, who woke up with the body of a handsome idol, is expected to show a struggling comedy of the holy god to adapt to idol life and a romance that was not in the original book.

In addition toKim Min Kyu‘s colorful acting transformation, the biggest point of view of the work is what charm will shake the women’s hearts again this time.

Meanwhile, “Daesangwan Remburi,” which is more anticipated byKim Min Kyu‘s casting, is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023.



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