Kim Jong Kook’s Face Turned Red After He Was Questioned On Why He Guessed Right The Underwear Of Song Ji Hyo

Singer Kim Jong Kook showed embarrassment after matching the color of Song Ji Hyo’s underwear in “Running Man.

In SBS’ “Running Man,” which aired on May 22nd, Song Ji Hyo asked a “TMI question” about her, and Yoo Jae Seok, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook and Ha Ha answered the questions.

On this day, Kim Jong Kook surprised those who matched Song Ji Hyo‘s underwear color.

Song Ji Hyo‘s question that followed was, “What color is my underwear today? Yoo Jae Seok was embarrassed, saying, “How do you guess it?” Ji Suk Jin shouted, “White,” but it was not the answer.

Later, Ha Ha said “black,” but at that moment,Kim Jong Kook agreed with Ha Ha’s words, “It’s black,” as if he knew it.

In fact, Song Ji Hyo‘s underwear color on the day was black. Doubtful Yoo Jae Seok asked Kim Jong Kook, “How do you know it’s black?”

Kim Jong Kook replied, “It’s either white or black,” but when the members looked suspiciously, he was embarrassed and couldn’t even drink sikhye.

Kim Jong Kook‘s face even turned red.

When Song Ji Hyo said, “Why did your face turn red?” Kim Jong Kook was more embarrassed and repeated the same saying, “It must be white or black,” but failed to explain it in detail, causing viewers to laugh.

Ha Ha, who was mischievous, also caused laughter from everyone in the gang next to Kim Jong Kook, saying, “Who was with Song Ji Hyo’s house yesterday?”

Since then, Kim Jong Kook has been surprised by guessing the weight of Song Ji Hyo‘s dog.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo recently appeared on MBC every1’s “Tteokbokki Restaurant’s Oppa” and mentioned his love line with Kim Jong-kook.

Song Ji Hyo said she hated her love line with Kim Jong Kook in the beginning and asked him not to do that. When Gary went out, I became a love line with Jongkook at some point, and I couldn’t allow him to form a love line with two men.

Song Ji Hyo then laughed, saying, “I reacted naturally once, and it was so much fun,” and now I enjoy my love line with Kim Jong Kook

At the same time, Song Ji Hyo said, “I’ve never been excited about Kim Jong Kook.”



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