WINNER’s Mino Shares The Letter He Received From An Elementary School Fan

Mino, the winner, read a letter from a young fan.

On May 20th, Mino shared a photo on Instagram. Mino is seen holding a letter from a fan at her elementary school in one of his published photos.

A handwritten letter from an elementary school fan wrote, “Hello? I got my first autograph today“.

“I saw it on ‘I Live Alone,’ thank you for the autograph; I’ll look after it.” The letters are well-written, with adorable character illustrations. Love for Mino is particularly noticeable in the heart paintings.

In addition, “I’m Oppas’s fan” and “Oppa is great” were written in the letter by elementary school fan.

To this, Mino read the cute letter saying, “I’m excited too” and showed a heart-fluttering reaction.

Meanwhile, Mino released his solo album “TO INFINITY” in December of last year. Mino, who was active in JTBC‘s “Singer Gain 2” and Mnet‘s “Show Me the Money 10“, recently appeared on MBC‘s “I Live Alone” and revealed his daily life.

At that time, Mino received a warm response by revealing his familiar daily life, such as drawing a picture using his excellent art sense in “I Live Alone” and going camping with Gian84.



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