Netizens Provides Evidence To Refute HYBE’s Claims That Kim Garam Is Not A Fan Of A Certain Male Artist

Various suspicions surround Kim Garam, a member of the new female group LE SSERAFIM.

Among them are photos and articles that refute HYBE and Source Music‘s agency’s claim that “Kim Garam never mentioned she is a fan of a specific male artist.”

The rumors that Kim Garam used rude and vulgar statements regarding other artists are maliciously false“, HYBE and Source Music said on the 20th.

Kim Garam has never stated that she is a fan of a certain male artist, nor has she ever stated negative feelings or evaluations of members of the same group or other girl groups“, they continued.

Since then, photos of Kim Garam from the past have been circulating in the online community. A sticker with the words “BTS” is placed to the back of the phone that Kim Garam is holding in the photo.

Simultaneously, the article left by netizen A before to Kim Garam‘s debut is being re-examined.

Person A reported that Kim Garam is a fan of BTS V and that she went to school every day expressing that she (allegedly) wanted to make love with V.

Other netizens confirmed hearing Kim Garam make the words, giving credibility to Person A‘s claim.

Kim Garam, according to Person A, hated Sakura and Jang Wonyoung. The controversy has begun to grow after Sakura worked as LE SSERAFIM with Kim Garam.

Some netizens are questioning HYBE and Source Music‘s claims, saying that based on past photos and remarks, Kim Garam was most likely a BTS V fan.

Meanwhile, HYBE and Source Music said that Kim Garam, who is suffering psychologically as a result of being assaulted by many rumors, will take a hiatus from activities for a while to heal, and that LE SSERAFIM will work as a five-member system for the time being.



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