3 Actresses Whose K-Drama Roles Always End Up With A Sad Ending

Sad drama titles always leave a strong impression on viewers. It is not known whether, by accident or intention, the three Korean beauties below are always associated with the unfortunate role, causing viewers to shed a lot of tears.

Kim Tae Ri

No need to argue more, Kim Tae Ri is probably the goddess with the most unfortunate fate in the Korean film industry.

Although only acted in 2 TV series titles, both have tragic endings. With Mr. Sunshine, the drama has become one of the works with the most tragic ending in Korean film history when Kim Tae Ri is the only one in the main cast who survived.

Recently, Twenty Five, Twenty One, although not ending, still caused controversy because at the end of the drama Kim Tae Ri broke up with her boyfriend and always had to live in nostalgia for her ex.

Kim Go Eun

Similar to Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun also makes viewers cry because her every role is very dreary. Because in 3 of the 4 titles she starred in, the actress was also not completely happy.

Cheese In The Trap, her first drama title, caused a lot of anger when the scriptwriter decided to let Kim Go Eun feel lonely in the final episode even though she was previously pursued by both the male lead and the supporting actor.

Coming to Goblin, Kim Go Eun was not only an orphan of both parents, shunned by relatives, but also constantly separated from the person she loved the most.

Yumi’s Cells also ended when Kim Go Eun finally broke up with her lover.


Originally an idol, IU has always chosen to play thorny and unfortunate roles to challenge herself. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is also one of the most tragic endings in Korean film history when the sad ending for all the characters, the female lead IU alone hugs painful memories back to the present.

In My Mister, IU plays Lee Ji Ahn, an introverted woman struggling with overwhelming debt. Recently in Hotel Del Luna, she played Jang Man Wol, an immortal soul carrying a lot of hatred, even though she met the person she loved the most, in the end, she was forced to part with him to change her life.

Hotel del Luna” is a fantasy drama about a hotel where spirits wander. The story revolves around an elite hotelier becoming the hotel’s owner following a fateful incident with its beautiful, but ill-tempered manager, Jang Man Wol.

Although at the end of the drama Jang Man Wol reappeared with Goo Chan Sung, enjoying a happy life together, no one knew if this was a dream or reality.



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