IU Is In The Ending Credits For “The Sound of Magic” — Here’s Why

The warm heart of singer IU, who helped her with the Netflix drama “The Sound of Magic,” is drawing attention.

The Sound of Magic” is a fantasy music drama about Rieul (Ji Chang Wook), a mystery magician who comes unexpectedly in front of Yoon Ai (Choi Sung Eun) and Na Il Deung (Hwang In Yeop), a youngster who is forced to dream.

Various OSTs are added to each episode in the work, giving a fairy tale effect that splits the difference between truth and fiction. Music, in particular, is used as an extension of the emotional line between the characters rather than as a dramatic reversal.

Because the songs in the drama are used to depict the feelings of the characters, “Knee,” one of IU‘s representative songs, also debuted as an insert song for the drama. In this regard, in an interview with Celeb Media on May 10th, director Kim Seong Yun of the drama “The Sound of Magic” disclosed the behind-the-scenes of IU’s song “Knee.”

Uee (Hong Jung Min) displayed emotive acting and sang the song “Knee” without accompaniment in the play, touching the hearts of the audience.

The song ‘Knee’ captures the sense that Uee can miss dad and mother,” director Kim Seong Yoon stated.

Following that, director Kim Seong Yun said that IU had gladly granted permission for the song to be used in the drama.

“I needed to buy the rights to distribute ‘Knees’ all over the world,” he explained, “but because IU wrote and composed the song herself, she encouraged me to just use it. I was really thankful. We were close because we did the drama ‘Dream High’ together.”

Director Kim Seong Yoon was so moved by this that he included IU‘s name in the end credits of “The Sound of Magic.”

Previously, in 2011, IU starred in Kim Seong Yoon‘s KBS2 drama “Dream High.” Despite the fact that it had been a long time since she had collaborated with director Kim on her work, IU valued her previous relationship and demonstrated her exceptional commitment.

Furthermore, IU enthusiastically accepted the request of filmmaker Kim Jong Kwan, who grabbed the megaphone for the 2020 film “José.

At the time, director Kim Jong Kwan wanted to use IU‘s song “Lullaby,” which she wrote and performed, as an insert music for the concluding credits of “José.” Director Kim requested that IU use “Lullaby,” and she gained notice when she stated that she loved and agreed with it.

IU‘s music, which adds passion to each work while also catching the eyes and ears of viewers, is gaining attention once again with such a sweet melody.



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