T.O.P Launches A Wine Business Under His Name

BIGBANG T.O.P, known as ‘Drinker’, will start a wine business.

On April 7, T.O.P posted a photo on his Instagram with the message “Ourwine.”

The released photo shows the label paper of the wine made by T.O.P in collaboration with French winemaker Runnebang and Japanese writer Kohei Nawa. 

The name of the wine that T.O.P made by participating in the business is “T’SPOT.” 

In this project, T.O.P played the role of curating screening. The running room was in charge of production, and Kohei Nawa was in charge of artwork.

Recently, T.O.P talked about the wine business in an interview with Magazine Prestige Hong Kong.

T.O.P said, “I started to repay the support of my fans,” adding, “I wanted to share good wine at a reasonable price. I want to share wine with everyone, not just for certain people.”

In the music video for BIGBANG’s first comeback song in four years, “Still Life,” T.O.P also revealed the name of the wine.

In the music video, there was the letter “T’SPOT” on the back of the white down jacket that T.O.P wore. Along with this, the tower uttered the lyrics, “A New Start.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment announced the end of its exclusive contract with T.O.P prior to the release of “Still Life.”

YG Entertainment said, “We respected T.O.P‘s opinion that he wanted to expand his personal activities as well as Big Bang, and discussed it well with the members,” adding, “He will join Big Bang activities whenever conditions permit.”

T.O.P said on Instagram on April 5, “Without YG Entertainment’s staff, I wouldn’t have come this far. I’ve been thankful for everyone for the past 16 years,” expressing his gratitude to fans.


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