3 Possible Endings For “Twenty Five Twenty One” As Drama Approaches Finale

There have been many speculations about the ending of the series “Twenty Five Twenty One“, making the audience restless.

The series “Twenty Five Twenty One” is gradually reaching its final stages and increasingly asserting its position and popularity.

The closer to the final episodes, the more speculation about the ending of the series. Will the series have a sad ending as rumored or will the writer “turn the car” at the last minute?

Theory 1: Yi Jin and Hee Do get back together

The daughter of Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) is Kim Min Jae (Choi Myeong Bin) at the present time, she is 15 years old, so it can be estimated that she was born in 2006.

But it was not until 2009 that Yi Jin wished. To celebrate Hee Do‘s wedding, something must have happened between 2006 and 2009.

Many viewers also discovered that the poster of the series had the words reporter Kim Do Hee on the newspaper, so they deduced that Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) changed his name from Baek Yi Jin to Kim Do Hee.

That’s why Min Chae took the last name Kim after her father’s last name, and no one knows what Hee Do‘s husband’s name is, just like no one knows the relationship between Shin Hae Kyung and Hee Do.

In the preview of episode 15, there was a scene where Yi Jin asked to be transferred to another department because he felt that his work in the sports department might affect Hee Do and Yu Rim and when Min Chae looked up Yi Jin‘s news, there was a piece news about him working as a diplomat, in 2009 he became a broadcaster. If so, then Yi Jin and Hee Do‘s relationship will not be so bad that they have to be separated.

Not to mention, in the image of the series’s character relationship diagram, there is a subtitle “1998 – 2021 – The story of the two of us“, so their story can last until 2021 and there is still hope for a future. Good ending for Yi Jin and Hee Do.

Theory 2: Yi Jin and Hee Do parted ways

In the interview between Hee Do and Yi Jin in 2009, the two greeted each other very politely and it seemed that they had not seen each other for a long time, both of their eyes were filled with regret and quite sadness.

Moreover, Yi Jin also congratulated Hee Do on getting married, thus proving that the two did not have a happy ending. They love each other very much but still break up for many reasons.

Furthermore, the drama’s producer stated that Yi Jin and Hee Do decided to break up in the last two episodes to protect each other’s love and emphasized that the drama recalls the meaning of the remaining first love in the past. Vague memories through Hee Do and Yi Jin‘s love and breakup process.

Therefore, the possibility that “Twenty Five Twenty One” will close with a sad ending is very high.

Theory 3: Kim Min Chae is the daughter of Ko Yu Rim

This is the speculation of some parts of the audience, it sounds like a myth, but Korean writers always have a way to turn the situation around.

In episode 14, Yu Rim‘s (Bona) family was under great economic pressure, causing her to become a naturalized athlete to have money to settle the family’s crisis.

So if Yu Rim had Min Chae, she wouldn’t be able to take good care of her, so she asked Hee Do for help. If this is true, then the story of Yi Jin and Hee Do may take a different turn.

Watch the final episodes of the series “Twenty Five Twenty One” on Saturday and Sunday evenings on Netflix.



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