Here’s Why Gong Hyo Jin And Kevin Oh Match So Well, According To Their Fashion Sense

March ended with the wedding of the century of the couple Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin and opened in April with the dating news that caused a storm on the social networks of Gong Hyo Jin.

The boy in this funny story is the “pilot” who is 10 years younger than her – Kevin Oh. 

Although we don’t have a photo together, looking at the style of the two’s clothes, it seems that they match well. Gong Hyo Jin at the age of 42 is dressed like a top, compared to a younger love that is nearly 1 armor but still not lost?

Kevin Oh

Kevin Oh was born in 1990, is a Korean-American male singer. 

In addition to his good voice, he also has an impressive fashion sense. 

Prominent among them is the romantic and artistic vintage style.

The singer’s long hair, when combined with retro costumes, creates an unusually poetic and attractive look 

Gong Hyo Jin

It is no exaggeration to say that Gong Hyo Jin is the goddess of flower skirts of Korean cinema.

Although the actress has turned 42 years old, the actress is still fascinated with gentle and feminine flower and polka dot dresses.

 She often chooses pastel-colored skirts, neutral-colored dresses… in various combinations with different hairstyles, sometimes long hair, sometimes braided, half-tied hair.

Not stopping there, Gong Hyo Jin sometimes exudes a retro “craft” that looks like a young love. 

Sweater gilet is one of the items favored by the actress to be broadcast many times.

 With a skirt, Hyo Jin looks soft and gentle, but when mixed with jeans, she looks luxurious and eye-catching

In real life, Gong Hyo Jin dresses quite simply. 

She often wears T-shirt + jeans on outdoor occasions, looking both healthy and youthful. 

This minimalist style looks so good with that singer!


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