Some Netizens Says “A Business Proposal” Is Just A Collection of Scenes From Series of Different K-Dramas Put Into One

A Business Proposal‘ is a hot keyword on social networks when exploiting a lovely, gentle but still extremely attractive story revolving around love stories in the workplace.

 In addition to countless compliments, the film still has to receive a lot of negative reviews, one of which is related to the fact that the details in A Business Proposal feel too familiar.

The first is about pretending to see your eyes for you, this motif is too familiar on the screen.

The way Ha Ri ( Kim Se Jeong ) tries to become a bad girl, making a bad impression on the audience is not strange.

Audiences like to see Youth Of May or beyond, Summer of Foxes from China.

Even Ha Ri‘s claw movement is like a “fry” from a classic True Beauty movie scene.

The scene where Kang Tae Moo ( Ahn Hyo Seop ) ardently “torturesHa Ri when he learns her true identity, causing her to suffer from constantly changing her identity is reminiscent of the Chinese movie – Military School.

In the movie, Bach Loc’s character was also badly abused, had to live with 2 identities at the same time, when he was a man and a woman, sometimes a gentle sister, all because of Shen Quan’s tricks to expose him. Son (Ly Trinh Bin).

The most remarkable point is the way A Business Proposal builds the main male character

Normally, the characters in Korean movies will be quite close to reality, not being “spoiled in love”, but Kang Tae Moo is different, he is the kind of mastermind that only exists in the story.

In fact, Kang Tae Moo is not the only case of “falling in love”, before that, Lee Young Joon ( Park Seo Joon ) – the male lead Secretary Kim What’s wrong, also caused fever because of his complacency.

Even on social networks, the audience also called Kang Tae Moo as Lee Young Joon‘s “son” when from shaping to personality, expression, way of love, and way of jealousy, all were like copies of the original.


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