Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Talks About His Ideal Type, ‘I like someone who can communicate well’

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who plays reporter Baek Yi Jin in tvN’s ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘, is showing a passionate performance.

He is making the hearts of many women flutter with his handsome face and extraordinary physical abilities.

As a result, Nam Joo Hyuk‘s ideal type naturally emerged as a concern for many people.

However, Nam Joo Hyuk has revealed a somewhat unexpected ideal type in the past, which draws attention.

In 2014, while Nam Joo Hyuk was appearing on tvN’s ‘The Idle Mermaid‘, he had an interview with AtStyle.

On this day, Nam Joo Hyuk was asked about his ideal type, and he rushed to say, “I like people who can communicate well.”

Then, he said, “I like a woman who is round when I only look at her looks”.

I thought that Nam Joo Hyuk, who was a model, had a slim woman with a similar feeling as his ideal type, but it wasn’t.

Then, Nam Joo Hyuk added, “If you look at him as a celebrity, he has the same style as Park Soo-jin,” making him nod his head.

In addition, Nam Joo Hyuk revealed his ideal type in an interview at the end of MBC’s ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. 

Nam Joo Hyuk said that his ideal type is someone who can rely on him, give him advice, and give him strength in his work.


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