Surpassing “A Business Proposal” This BL K-Drama Is Currently The Highest Rated Drama Right Now Despite Not Being Televised

This is the highest rated Korean drama right now.

A Business Proposal” is now a social media sensation. The rating is also continuously growing, but in fact, this is not the highest rated drama today.

In the drama field, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is highly appreciated for its quality, while, on social media and drama review sites, it is “Semantic Error” that has received a lot of praise.

Semantic Error” is a passionate drama adapted from the webtoon of the same name, played by young actor couple Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan.

Because it’s a BL (Boys Love) romantic drama, it’s understandable that “Semantic Error” is not showing on television, so its coverage is a bit less hot than the recently released blockbuster series.

But it’s not that “Semantic Error” gave in, instead, the drama received extremely high scores and number of reviews on film and television review-aggregation sites, even being the work that received the highest score of Korean dramas in the first quarter of 2022.

On IDMb, the drama received an almost absolute high score of 9.3 points, while its closest competitor “Twenty Five, Twenty One” brought back 9.0 points. These are the two Korean dramas that received the highest scores in the list of dramas released earlier this year.

On Douban, a Chinese drama review website – a market that bans romantic dramas, “Semantic Error” still appeared and received a score of 8.7.

Semantic Error” is about the romance of game developer Choo Sang Woo and designer Jang Jae Young. Choo Sang Woo is a principled person, he is a student of the Faculty of Computer Engineering.

Jang Jae Young is the star of the school and an introvert, with a model-like body and good looks, he is a student of the Faculty of Design.



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