Netizens Discovered Resemblance Of TREASURE’s Yoshi And BLACKPINK Lisa Rapping Styles And Synergy

TREASURE is YG’s newest group launched in 2020, the group is gradually asserting its unique and distinctive color through its music products.

And most recently, TREASURE has returned with a billion-dollar investment song called JIKJIN .

Conveying youthful and vibrant energy through songs, the essence of YG is still clearly shown. 

In particular, recently netizens have pointed out the similarities in the rap style of member Yoshi with BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Specifically, from the melody to the way of releasing the words of Lisa in the song How You Like That compared to Yoshi’s lines in the song JIKJIN are quite similar and have the same color.

 The powerful but not boring rap way, “playing” with each word makes the rap part of both of them more interesting than ever.

 It is true that the same YG training center is different, unmistakable!

Many comments also recognized this distinctive feature of the YG family:

– YG’s music is never boring.

– Admittedly hearing this part of Yoshi immediately thought of Lisa in How You Like That.

– YG’s rap style is unmistakable.

– Everyone in YG’s family can rap well.

– This is considered the tradition and identity of YG’s chickens, it’s the top of the top.

– YG is the best, the best in YG.

-Both of them rap very interestingly.


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