Kim Woo Bin Was Once Again Praised By Netizens For His Appearance In ‘Unexpected Business 2’ As A Polite Part-Timer To An Old Lady

Actor Kim Woo Bin captured the hearts of viewers by showing the essence of ‘Sweet Man‘.

On February 24, in the second episode of tvN’s ‘Unexpected Business 2‘, Kim Woo Bin, who appeared as a part-timer, was released. 

On that day, Kim Woo Bin stopped washing the dishes to help the grandmother who was looking for a stick and willingly offered a helping hand. 

Kim Woo Bin, looked carefully at the shelves of the mart and finally found the sticky rice, packed it with the food that the grandmother had purchased in a bag.

Next, Kim Woo Bin opened the bag handle and handed it to the grandmother. It was designed to make it easier for her grandmother to grab her handle. 

It was a moment that stood out for Kim Woo Bin‘s sweetness, who behaved politely to customers even when he was busy serving many customers.

In addition, Kim Woo Bin made viewers’ hearts flutter by not forgetting the meticulous remark, “It’s heavy, mother.”

At the same time, he held the door for the grandmother who left the mart, and showed a neat appearance by opening the box in front of the door so that customers’ feet would not get caught.

Viewers who saw the broadcast showed a warm response to Kim Woo Bin‘s friendly side.

On the other hand, ‘Unexpected Business 2 ‘ is an entertainment program in which actors Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung take on the role of presidents of a rural supermarket and run a business following season 1.

Their heartwarming and delightful business diary is available every Thursday at 8:40 PM.


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