BTS Army Continues To Become A Good Influence By Doing Donations For The Children

The group BTS‘s fan club donated 2.39 million won for children who were abused. 

‘Friendly Wave’, the social campaign team of the BTS fan club ‘Army’, donated 2.39 million won collected through the point donation campaign ‘Your Eyes‘ to the Korean Social Welfare Society and participated in the donation to help children who are abused.

In celebration of the birthday of BTS member J-Hope, 312 fans participated in the campaign, which was held for 10 days from February 8.

The donations are delivered through the Korean Social Welfare Society (Chairman Seok-Hyun Kim) to childcare supplies and psychological and emotional support for children at the shelter for abused children located in Gwangju.

A representative of ‘Friendly Wave’ said, “I planned the campaign by seeing J-Hope donating for children“.

The Korean Social Welfare Association started the fan donation campaign ‘The Virtue of Sharing‘ on February 18, which provides a star sponsorship certificate when fandom donates for a star, and more fandoms are expected to take good steps. The Korean Social Welfare Society, established in 1954, is a social welfare corporation specializing in child welfare.


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