Son Na Eun Expressed Her Feelings On Not Being Able To Attend Apink’s Group Activities

Son Na Eun, a member of the girl group Apink, has revealed her feelings about not being able to participate in Apink groups’ activities. At the same time, she was cheering for Apink’s new album, clearing up rumors of the group’s quarrel.

Son Na Eun posted on Instagram on February 17, “Are you listening to the 10th-anniversary album ‘HORN’ We’ve been preparing for a long time? It’s a pity that we can’t be together this time, but please love the album we’ve worked hard for and support the members a lot!” A photo of the album jacket shooting site was posted. In her photos, Naeun’s unrivaled visual and chic charisma attract attention.

Son Na Eun added, “Today’s M Countdown stage is a lot,” and asked for fans’ support.

Fans supported her by leaving numerous comments on his Instagram, such as “Apink is forever 6 people”, “I know better than anyone that we are together at heart”, “I’m sorry, but it’s okay. We can work together next time.”

Previously, Apink released a special album ‘HORN‘ on the 14th. However, Son Na Eun announced her absence from this activity, and rumors of a quarrel were raised.

Lee Jin Ho, a YouTuber specializing in entertainment, posted a video related to this on his YouTube channel on the 15th.

Lee Jin Ho said, “The studio over school violence against member Park Chorong continued until the beginning of this year, and Apink’s comeback schedule was hardly set. In the process, Son Na Eun coordinated the schedule with Apink in advance. Originally, Son Na Eun had to turn down a lot of work proposals because she put more weight on Apink’s activities as a whole.

Meanwhile, Apink first performed their title song ‘Dilemma‘ on Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on February 17. Son Na Eun is appearing in the tvN drama ‘Ghost Doctor‘.


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