“Penthouse” Cast Reportedly To Reunite With Director Joo Dong Min In A New Black Comedy Short Film

The main character of the popular drama “Penthouse” and director Joo Dong Min once again unite to show off their strong loyalty.

On February 18th, TVing announced that the original web entertainment show “All Viewers +: Short Buster“, which contains director Joo Dong Min‘s short film production story, will be released in April.

Director Joo Dong Min, who received attention for succeeding in “Penthouse“, will transform into a short film director in the entertainment show.

The short film, created by director Joo Dong Min, features a number of actors Shin Eun Kyung, Um Ki Joon, Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Bong Tae Kyu, and Yoon Joo He who played as the main actors of “Penthouse“.

They reportedly expressed their intention to participate in director Joo Dong Min‘s debut work despite their busy schedules since the end of the “Penthouse“.

Actors with solid acting skills as well as perfect teamwork and director Joo Dong Min are expected to reunite to create an unrivaled short film that has never been seen before.

Director Joo Dong Min plans to present the short film “It’s Alright” (working title), which divides various social groups appearing in the aftermath of the COVID-19 into six stories and unravels them in a black comedy format.

Attention is focusing on what kind of acting the actors, who worked together with passionate and captivating performances in “Penthouse“, will show in this short film.

Director Joo Dong Min‘s film “It’s Alright” will be released exclusively on TVing in April.

Meanwhile, in addition to director Joo Dong Min, 8 teams of directors, including Kwak Kyung Taek, Kim Gok Kim Sun, Yoon Sung Ho, Hong Seok Jae, Kim Cho Hee, Ryu Deok Hwan and Cho Hyun Chul, will appear.

They are also planning to complete their own short films with individuality.



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